7 Types of Questions

Simplylearn 3.0 offers a wide range of different question types.

  • Single choice: There is only one correct answer. You can add as many incorrect answers as you want. Check the “Allow HTML” box if you’d like to use HTML in your answer add. You can also add media elements by clicking the “Add Media” button. HTML and media insertion is also possible for multiple-choice and matrix question types. 
  • Multiple choice: Supports multiple correct answers. In order for the question to be marked correct, users must select ALL of the correct answers. 
  • Free choice: Free choice questions give the user an input field where they must type the correct answer. You can choose to accept only one answer or multiple possible answers. Capitalization does not matter. BLUE, Blue and blue are all scored the same.
  • Sorting choice: Sorting choice questions ask the user to place a series of answers in the correct order. When creating the question, the order of the answers in the backend will be considered the correct order.
  • Matrix sorting choice: Matrix sorting questions should be used when you want the user to match two items together. There are two parts to a matrix sorting question, first, a criterion, these are static and cannot be moved. Then you should add elements, these are what users will drag >and drop to the correct criterion. Criterion: These are static & cannot be moved.
  • Fill in the blank: allow you to insert a blank line(s) in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. Users then type the correct answer into this empty field. Capitalization does not matter. PLAY, Play and play are all scored the same. Blank spaces are created by providing the correct answer inside of curly braces { and }.
  • Assessment (Survey): This question type is perfect for surveys or any time you’re asking a user to rate something on a scale. You can add text/images before and/or after the scale. Enclose the entire assessment with curly braces { and }, Enclose each individual answer with square brackets [ and ].
  • Open answer: Essay questions allow the user to enter a free-form answer. You can choose between two types of essay questions:
    • Text Box: Displays a <textarea> form field for the user to enter any text they’d like.
    • Upload: Displays an upload button that allows the user to upload a file.