Drag and Drop Builder

The Simplylearn Assignment builder provides a quick, intuitive way to add, edit, move and delete questions. This article explains how to use every aspect of the Assignment builder.

Accessing the Assignment Builder

Going via the “Assignment” menu

  1. Navigate to Simplylearn > ASSIGNMENTS. 
  2. Hover over an existing test or create a new test
  3. Click the “Builder” link

Via the Course Builder

  1. Navigate to your specific course
  2. Hover over an existing Assignment
  3. Click “Edit”

Add Questions To Your Assignment

To add a brand new question to an assignment:

  1. At the bottom of the Assignment builder, click the + New Question link
  2. Type the name of your question (internal use only)
  3. Hit ENTER, or click the “Add Question” button
How to add new question in LearnDash quiz builder admin

Add an existing question to an Assignment

All of your existing questions can be found in the “Questions” box in the sidebar. By default, your most recent questions are shown, but you can click “View all” to see all questions or use the search box to find a specific question by its title. You can easily add these existing questions to your test. 

How to add a single question to a LearnDash quiz

Editing the questions

Questions have a few different parts to them, so let’s cover each area one at a time.

Question Title

Like we previously mentioned, the title is only for internal use, but it can be extremely helpful for the admin to find/edit questions on the backend.

To edit the question title in the quiz builder:

Edit question title in quiz builder

For all other edits to the question, or its answers, you need to expand the question by clicking on the blue down arrow on the right. Alternatively, you can expand all questions at once using the “Expand All” link at the top of the quiz builder.


To edit the actual text of the question, the text that will be displayed for the course participant, do this:

How to edit a question in the LearnDash quiz builder


Editing answers in the quiz builder will depend on the question type. Different types have different options. As soon as you select the question type, your answer options will update below.