Course Report

To get access to the course report, go to

  1. Simplylearn –> Reporting


You will then see an account for all courses on your site. From this menu you can see reports from specific courses and the users within them. 

The recent activities chart display the course completion. You can adjust for X-axis for relevant dates by using the Toggle button.

Below the overview charts on the course report, you’ll see a list of all the Simplylearn courses, their enrollment data, and the status of progress and completion. You can sort data by any column heading or use the Search field to find a particular course.

Single Course Report

Clicking on a course (or any value in the same row) on the list will give you a more detailed account of the course, including the overall performance data and a list of enrolled users.

Enrolled User Report

In the Single Course Report, you will see a list of enrolled users in the course. Clicking on one of these users will display a detailed account of the individual user’s progress in the course. 

From this report, you can see their course progress, download their certificate link, give feedback on tests, etc.